1inch Aggregation Protocol

The protocol sources liquidity from various exchanges and is capable of splitting a single trade transaction across multiple DEXes to ensure the best rates.

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$54B+ Ethereum network total volume
2.2M+ Ethereum network trades
40K Monthly active users
60 Ethereum network liquidity sources
$7.5B+ Binance Smart Chain total volume
1.3M+ Binance Smart Chain trades
39K Monthly active users
31 BSC liquidity sources
$2.5B+ Polygon total volume
360K+ Polygon trades
18,642 Polygon Monthly active users
15 Polygon liquidity sources
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How it works

The protocol provides aggregation information services on exchange protocols and networks. The core part of the protocol is the 1inch v3 smart contract, which performs runtime verification of transaction execution.

As a result, user funds can't be lost even in case of interaction with an unsafe liquidity source. Since the smart contract ensures security, the protocol can be used in various aggregation information services, such as Pathfinder, developed and run by the 1inch Network.

How it works
Pathfinder block


An aggregation information service from the 1inch Network. Within less than a second, it finds the best trading paths across multiple markets, taking gas costs into account. Pathfinder operates on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), supporting a gas token, Chi, which enables users to save up to 40% on gas fees.

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