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What is the PancakeSwap liquidity protocol?

What is the PancakeSwap liquidity protocol?

PancakeSwap is a liquidity protocol operating on BNB Chain, which has recently emerged as a cheaper and faster alternative to Ethereum.

PancakeSwap provides its customers with the ability to swap between digital currencies by tapping into user-generated liquidity pools. The protocol also offers DeFi farming solutions for liquidity providers, including functionality for customized liquidity pools.

Liquidity providers collect rewards in the protocol’s token, CAKE, which can also be staked in the Syrup pools. CAKE’s total value locked (TVL) was at $6.6 bln in late August 2021 and the market cap was $5.4 bln, according to CoinMarketCap.

Issues with PancakeSwap

Newbies will likely struggle to use PancakeSwap and its complicated tools. This can be a complex, time consuming and often difficult process to figure out.

A beginner’s guide to utilizing PancakeSwap

A beginner’s guide to utilizing PancakeSwap

If you want to try the service, you have to get a wallet. PancakeSwap is compatible with Trust Wallet, MathWallet, BNB Chain Wallet. In addition, MetaMask is also available. You just need to customize it in order to work with BNB Chain.

Then, you need to buy some Binance coins (BNB) from the decentralized exchange Binance and send these assets to your storage. Then you will have to move the tokens to BNB Chain to make them accessible on the PancakeSwap platform.

It has a convenient platform, and its tools and options are accessible on the left side of the screen. If you need to make a change, you need to visit the Trade section and pick up Exchange. Then select a pair of digital assets, and double-check all the details before you submit it.

For farms or liquidity pools, you have to spend an equal value of coins in a pair (for example, CAKE/BNB ) to get some LP tokens, which provide liquidity to the DEX and will bring rewards. This liquidity can be removed at any time and will be paid in the individual assets that were initially swapped for the LP coins.

The future of PancakeSwap

The BSC network is developing rapidly as traders and investors take advantage of its low fees and smooth transactions. Although PancakeSwap doesn’t have the same level of daily volume as DEXs based on Ethereum, it has a chance to grow and attract more users in the long run.

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September 2020

A group of anonymous developers founded PancakeSwap and launched its token CAKE.

October 2020

PancakeSwap’s lottery was launched where participants can win CAKE tokens by purchasing tickets with their CAKE tokens. As long as you match two or more numbers in the correct position, you can win a reward.

November 2020

PancakeSwap’s platform for Initial Farm Offering (IFO) was launched and handled its first IFO sale for the BLINK token.

April 2021

The PancakeSwap Prediction Market was rolled out. This option system allows customers to speculate on market movements, whether the market goes up or down.

June 2021

An analysis panel that provides detailed and accurate data was integrated. In partnership with StreamingFast, the protocol integrated a streaming service to develop a new board that is almost 60 times faster than before, thus ensuring a live data stream, faster development, iteration and production times.

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