1inch Aggregation Protocol

The 1inch Aggregation Protocol facilitates cost-efficient and secure swap transactions across multiple liquidity sources.

Как это работает?

The protocol provides aggregation information services on exchange protocols and networks. The core part of the protocol is the 1inch smart contract, which performs runtime verification of transaction execution.

As a result, user funds can't be lost even in case of interaction with an unsafe liquidity source. Since the smart contract ensures security, the protocol can be used in various aggregation information services, such as Pathfinder, developed and run by the 1inch Network.

How it works
Pathfinder block


An aggregation information service from the 1inch Labs. Within less than a second, it finds the best trading paths across multiple markets, taking gas costs into account.


Integrated protocols

1inch dApp

Точка доступа в технологию 1inch Network. 1inch dApp является DeFi-агрегатором №1, предлагающим доступ к максимальным объемам ликвидности и лучшим обменным курсам токенов на различных биржах с уникальными функциями, включая частичное исполнение и возможность поиска наилучших вариантов обмена между несколькими источниками ликвидности.

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