Partners and stakeholders

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NEAR is an open source platform that accelerates the development of decentralized applications.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps.

Zerion is the easiest way to build and manage your entire DeFi portfolio from one place.

Revolut is a financial services company that specializes in mobile banking, card payments, money remittance, and foreign exchange.

Synthetix is a derivatives liquidity protocol providing the backbone for derivatives trading in DeFi.

Ledger's hardware wallets are multicurrency wallets that are used to store private keys for cryptocurrencies offline.

Bitquery is dedicated to power and solve blockchain data problems using the ground truth of on-chain data.

The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS.

The Giving Block is the #1 crypto donation solution, which provides an ecosystem for nonprofits and charities.

Gnosis builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance.

BitPay is the world leader in blockchain payment technology.

Kriptomat is the best place in the EU to buy, sell and store hundreds of cryptocurrencies, with multilingual support and all major payment methods (incl. credit card), regulated and secure.

Travala is a platform for hotel and accommodation booking, covering more than 500,000 properties across the globe.

Beefy is a Decentralized, Multichain Yield Optimizer that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings.

Burrito Wallet is a multi-chain web 3.0 wallet that connects users to DEXes, DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces and various dApps.

GatewayFM is the first truly decentralised high-performance blockchain infra/node provider.


Polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

BNB Chain is a fast and secure decentralized digital asset exchange based on the highly performant matching engine built on distributed consensus.

Optimism is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that can support all of Ethereum's Dapps.

Arbitrum is a system which allows Ethereum participants to settle their transactions away from the Ethereum mainnet.

Klaytn is an open-source public blockchain for all who wish to build, work, or play in the metaverse.

Aurora provides Ethereum compatibility, NEAR Protocol scalability, and industry-first user experience through affordable transactions.

TrustWallet is the most trusted & secure crypto wallet.

Huobi Wallet is a professional multi-currency wallet.

MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more.

Exodus allows you to secure, manage, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.

Coinbase Wallet is the easiest and most secure crypto wallet.

AlphaWallet is a production-ready and easy to customise whitelabel Wallet for your business.

DeBank is a DeFi Wallet for Ethereum Users.

Pillarproject is the only community-run smart wallet with single address for all chains, low-to-no fees, and in-app curated insights.

AToken is a decentralized multi-asset wallet that supports multi-currency storage, the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange.

SafePal securely stores your crypto assets in the most simple and easy way. is on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency.

Gnosis Safe is the most trusted platform to manage digital assets on Ethereum.

O3 Swap enables free trading of native assets between heterogeneous chains.

Instadapp is the world's most advanced platform to start leveraging the full potential of Decentralised Finance.

Hashflow market makers have full control over their pricing strategies, so they can quote tighter while being capital efficient.

Furucombo is a tool built for end-users to optimize their DeFi strategy simply by drag and drop mechanism.

Enjin is an ecosystem of integrated blockchain software products that help you take advantage of a world-changing technology in an easy way.

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain domain name provider and gateway to the decentralized web.

Transak is a fiat on/off ramp aggregator.

Staker is a financial app that allows you to save for your future.

DappRadar provides information and insights about all the existing dapps.

CoinMarketCap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space.

Coingecko provides a 360-degree overview of the crypto market.

Live Coin Watch is the fastest live cryptocurrency price & portfolio tracker.

Token Terminal is a crypto analytics platform with advanced metrics & tools.

CoinStats helps over 1,000,000 active customers manage all their crypto accounts together from one place. is one-stop platform for the dapps you'll love.

Zapper is a simple dashboard for DeFi.

Venly is a blockchain technology provider creating tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology.

Unstoppable is an asset management tool built for those looking to decentralize capital, exercise genuine control over assets and grow wealth through borderless opportunities.

Opium Protocol is the universal protocol to create, trade and settle virtually all derivatives in a trustless way.

CoolWallet is a new kind of hardware wallet, with a unique, sleek design that offers convenience without sacrificing decentralized security.

Avalanche is a layer one blockchain that functions as a platform for decentralized applications and custom blockchain networks.

Fantom is a highly scalable blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications.


Pantera Capital is an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency.

Binance Labs invests in technical teams that build and support the decentralized web.

Dragonfly Capital is a cross-border cryptoasset investment firm.

Galaxy Digital is a diversified financial services and investment management innovator in the digital asset, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology sector.

ParaFi Capital is an alternative investment firm focused on blockchain and decentralized finance markets.

Libertus Capital invests in companies that enhance and protect individual freedom and privacy.

LAUNCHub Ventures provides startup funding in early stage venture capital.

Nima Capital is a single-family office global approach to identifying first mover companies disrupting large industries around the world.

Rockaway Blockchain Fund is a venture capital investor into digital assets.

Blockchain Capital is a leading venture firm in the blockchain industry.

Spartan Capital Securities is a full-service, integrated financial services firm that provides sound investment guidance for high net worth individuals and institutions.

Fabric backs the founders of the Open Economy.

gumi Cryptos is the blockchain/crypto venture fund launched by gumi Inc., a leading global mobile game publisher and developer.

Greenfield One makes long-term bets on early developer teams building towards an open, decentralized and more robust architecture of tomorrow's web.

Spark Digital Capital is a research focused crypto fund that invests in the future of blockchain and tech.

IOSG Ventures, founded in 2017, is a community-friendly and research-driven early-stage venture firm across China, the US and Singapore.

Struck Capital supports young founders providing core technology innovation to tackle the world's largest problems.

Amber Group is a leading digital asset company operating around the clock and around the globe.

Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm and liquidity provider with a unique focus on technology and collaborative problem solving.

VanEck is a global investment manager with offices around the world.

Fenbushi Capital is the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firm in Asia.

Nexo Ventures backs the early-stage crypto projects building the Web3 and its decentralized infrastructure.

Tribe Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on recognizing and amplifying early stage product-market fit.

The Gemini Frontier Fund is Gemini's strategic venture arm focused on growing the crypto ecosystem through investment in early-stage crypto projects and startups.