1inch Security

Your defense against illicit activity in DeFi

Blocklist strategy

1inch’s internal blocklist strategy leverages multiple layers of investigation, including behavioral pattern analysis and cybercrime intelligence, to detect and block addresses connected to illicit activity.


Internal blockchain investigation team


Integration of multiple public blocklists


Cybercrime intelligence for preemptive action


Monitoring and analysis of transaction and behavior patterns

AML screening

Advanced screening tools check all addresses connected to 1inch or engaged in 1inch swaps for links to sanctioned parties, terrorist financing, hacked or stolen funds, ransomware, human trafficking and more. Powerful blockchain analytics can trace pseudonymous data (assets, addresses, events) to real-world individuals and entities. Suspicious addresses are immediately blocked.

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Scam protection

Threat detection tools notify users about suspicious transactions, dApps, or tokens before any interaction occurs.


Transaction scanning

Transactions processed via 1inch applications are scanned to detect and flag fraudulent activity.


Domain scanning

When a 1inch user connects to a third-party application, a domain scan is activated, warning the user of a potential threat.


Malicious token detection

Token and wallet addresses are checked. Scam tokens masquerading as legitimate ones are instantly detected and marked.

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Brand abuse takedowns

Scammers use the 1inch name to lure victims into giving up their funds. 1inch fights these fraudsters by constantly scanning the web for fake 1inch websites and social media, as well as the latest fraud schemes.

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Hack protection


Smart contract audits

1inch is one of the most audited projects in DeFi. All 1inch smart contracts have been repeatedly audited by top experts. The 1inch Wallet has undergone multiple thorough security audits and successful penetration tests.


Defense by design

1inch smart contracts are non-upgradable by design, which reduces the risk of hacking.


Shielded from DEX vulnerabilities

Even if liquidity pools aggregated by 1inch are compromised, users' funds won't be accessed by hackers.

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Upcoming features

We’re working on additional security features, including a user-owned AI agent, account creation, device intelligence and more. For more details about our plans, please see the security white paper.

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For developers

Integrate the Shield API into your project to enhance your security.

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Contact us

Reach out to the 1inch compliance team if you have any questions or requests:

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