1inch Wallet

The easiest entry point to DeFi

A highly protected and innovative solution for storing, transferring and swapping crypto assets with your smartphone.

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5 Supported networks
$55B+ Available liquidity
144 Liquidity sources
8 Supported languages
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The best DeFi aggregator

1inch Wallet offers you access to the most liquidity and the best token swap rates across various DEXes.

Top-level security

All transactions are protected as the wallet parses call data, showing what is happening in a user-friendly manner. Secure Enclave technology enabled by default.
Top-level security

Deepest liquidity

Users get access to substantial liquidity for swaps across dozens of connected sources. Currently, 53 sources are available on Ethereum, 24 on BSC, 22 on Polygon, 2 on Optimism and 7 on Arbitrum.

Deepest liquidity

Private key & seed phrase scanning

Users can easily import wallets by scanning a private key string or seed phrase with a phone camera directly in the app. The feature is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Private key & seed phrase scanning

Push notifications

Users can approve transactions on their devices, including Apple Watch, without having to log in every time.

Push notifications
Flash transactions Flash transactions Flash transactions, available in the Ethereum network, have a very low probability of getting to the public memory pool before execution.
WalletConnect flexibility WalletConnect flexibility The WalletConnect functionality can be used in the background, while several WalletConnect options can be used simultaneously.
Support EIP-681 Support EIP-681 The wallet supports EIP-681 payment requests, which enables users to pay by URLs.
Instant transaction signing Instant transaction signing Regardless of their size, transactions can be instantly approved and signed including via WalletConnect.
Advanced transaction management Advanced transaction management Traders can cancel sent transactions or adjust gas prices in order to speed the execution of transactions.
Secure backup to Apple iCloud Secure backup to Apple iCloud A user can install the app on another device and, using their password, get access to the wallet over iCloud.