1inch Fusion

A new DEX standard.

Safe. Efficient.

Gasless execution.

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All market liquidity in one place

Building on the power of 1inch’s Aggregation and Limit Order protocols, Fusion mode makes decentralized trading even more efficient. The efficiency is ensured by instantaneous order matching with liquidity from across the entire crypto market.

The 1inch Swap Engine

The 1inch Swap Engine is a decentralized trading and matching system that connects DEX users with practically limitless liquidity. Orders are filled by resolvers - professional market makers who pay applicable network fees, while profiting from arbitrage trading.

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Maximizing trade efficiency

The 1inch Swap Engine executes trade orders using the Dutch auction approach, which allows for more efficiency and flexibility, compared to regular swaps or limit orders. A user can decide on how fast their order will be executed, with a chance to maximize profits if the market moves in their favor.


Swap without native tokens

No need to hold native network tokens (ETH, BNB, MATIC, etc.) on your balance to pay gas fees. The fee is paid in a destination token.


Price and time ranges

Pre-setting price and time ranges for swap orders is beneficial for both makers and takers.


MEV protection

1inch users can rest assured that their transactions are protected from MEV by the most advanced measures taken by professional market makers.


Smooth experience

Fusion mode makes DEX trading as smooth and familiar as trading on centralized exchanges.


Algo trading opportunities

Algorithmic traders are welcome to become 1inch resolvers and take advantage of multiple trading strategies in the most liquid DeFi markets.



While almost as advanced as centralized services, 1inch still retains its decentralized nature, enabling users to own their private keys.

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