DEFY and get an NFT from the 1inch Network!


OBEY is an outdated, reactionary paradigm imposed on us by huge centralized corporations, sensationalist media and authoritarian political regimes.

It's time to leave OBEY behind and switch to the DEFY paradigm! We truly believe that mankind is now ready to enter a new era of decentralization. This will be an era in which the voice of each of us has significant weight, an era in which you choose your own media space, and era in which the transparency of political and economic processes ensures equal rights and opportunities for each individual.

To make the transition to the new era smoother, our DEFI products are built to DEFY!

defy (de·​fy | \ di-ˈfī , dē- \)

1: to confront with assured power of resistance : DISREGARD

//defy public opinion

//in trouble for defying a court order

2: to resist attempts at : WITHSTAND

//the paintings defy classification

//a decision that defies all logic

3: to challenge to do something considered impossible : DARE

//defied us to name a better movie

4 (archaic): to challenge to combat

*All the proceeds from NFT sales will be donated to the charity organization Crypto Kids Camp.

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