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1inch Card

कहीं भी क्रिप्टो से भुगतान करें

डिजिटल परिसंपत्तियों के लिए एक भौतिक कार्ड।

क्रिप्टो से कार्ड को टॉप अप करें और सामान्य डेबिट कार्ड के सभी लाभों का आनंद लें।


तेज़ क्रिप्टो-टू-फ़िएट रूपांतरण

आपके 1inch Wallet क्रिप्टो का प्रतिस्पर्धी दरों पर 1inch Card फ़िएट बैलेंस में तेज़ और सुरक्षित रूपांतरण।


आसान ऑनलाइन भुगतान

नंबर, वैधता तिथि और CVC वाला एक वर्चुअल या भौतिक कार्ड आपको इंटरनेट पर वस्तुओं और सेवाओं के लिए अपने क्रिप्टो से भुगतान करने में सक्षम बनाता है।


Apple Pay / Google Pay सहयोग

Apple Pay या Google Pay का समर्थन करने वाले सभी ऑफलाइन स्टोरों पर रोज़मर्रा की आवश्यक चीज़ों के लिए क्रिप्टो से सुविधाजनक वन-टैप भुगतान


तुरंत नकद

पैसे चाहिए? कोई बात नहीं! उचित शुल्क पर नकद निकालने के लिए निकटतम ATM पर जाएं।


सीमित-संस्करण डिज़ाइन

अभी Web3 का अधिकतम लाभ उठाएँ!

शुरुआती प्रयोगकर्ता हमारे सीमित-संस्करण कार्ड डिज़ाइन की विशेष अपील का आनंद लेंगे, जिससे यह सुनिश्चित होगा कि आपका 1inch Card वास्तव में उल्लेखनीय होगा।

अपना 1inch Card पाएं



What is the 1inch Card?

The 1inch Card powered by Crypto Life is a debit card that can be used for online purchases, in-store transactions with support for Apple Pay or Google Pay, and cash withdrawals, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

What does "Powered by Crypto Life or CL" stand for?

The 1inch Card is powered by Crypto Life, also known as CL. This means that the card and its related services are fully provided and managed by Crypto Life in partnership with Baanx. For more details, please refer to the CL Terms & Conditions.

Who should I contact for support or any questions about the 1inch Card?

The 1inch Card support is provided by Crypto Life in partnership with Baanx. Please contact the support team directly at [email protected].

In what languages is support provided?

The support is available in English.

Ordering the 1inch Card

What should be done to successfully order my 1inch Card?

Before ordering your virtual 1inch Card can begin, you are required to pass KYC / Account verification. You will also need to be a resident in one of the supported countries for card ordering. Please see the Card Terms on the Crypto Life website for more details: https://withcl.com/legal/.

Can I create an account by selecting a country that is supported?

Currently, 1inch Card is only supported in EU, EEA area and the UK. You must be a resident of the country you select, and have a physical address within that country in order to receive your card.

I can’t create an account when I select my country. What should I do?

Availability in new regions may change over time and depends on Crypto Life. We kindly ask for your patience until your country is eligible for registration.

I’m not 18 years old and I can’t select my country. What can I do?

Unfortunately, to be eligible to create an account, you must be 18 years or older.

My nationality is different from my country of residence. Is this a problem?

This is absolutely fine, as long as you have a physical address registered within your country of residence.

I haven’t received the confirmation email or confirmation sms. What should I do?

Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder or ensure that you have entered the correct phone number. If the issue is not solved, please contact the support team at [email protected].

What is Veriff?

Veriff is an identity verification software used by Baanx to confirm your identity.

I haven’t received the secure link from Veriff on my mobile to complete verification.

Please ensure you have entered the correct phone number. If the problem persists, please try scanning the QR code. Alternatively, you can contact the support team at [email protected].

My account has been created but verification is pending. What does this mean?

In order to keep all parties involved safe, Baanx needs to confirm that the information you have provided is correct. Certain functionality will be restricted until Baanx has verified your details, but don’t worry – they’ll be as quick as they can!

How do I change my email address, telephone number, or physical address?

If you need to change any of your personal information, please contact the support team at [email protected].

How do I reset my password?

If you are having trouble logging in and need to reset your password, this can be done by clicking the “Having trouble logging in?” link on the login page. A password reset email will then be sent to the registered e-mail address. If you are still having trouble, please contact the support team at [email protected].

How do I close my account?

If you need to close your account, please contact the support team at [email protected].

Using the 1inch Card

What can my 1inch Card be used for?

Your 1inch Card can be used for online purchases and payments. You can also use your 1inch Card to withdraw cash from ATMs that accept MasterCard.

Note, that 1inch Card is a prepaid debit card, while some businesses may require a credit card transaction to use their services.

What are the processing fees or commissions?

There are two types of processing fees involved with 1inch Card: (1) platform fees charged by Crypto Life; and (2) card fees charged by the card issuer.

Platform fees:

  • Card spend (for any payment with the card) - 2%

  • Crypto to crypto - 1,75%

  • Crypto to fiat - 1,75%

  • Withdrawal fee (crypto excl. stablecoins) - 0,4%

  • Withdrawal fee (stablecoins) - 0,5%

  • Withdrawal fee (fiat via bank transfer) - 3,49%

Platform fees are subject to change. Full and current list of platform fees can be accessed here.

Card fees:

  • No transaction processing or maintenance card fees.

  • Cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK - €2.50 per withdrawal.

  • Cash withdrawal in foreign currency outside the UK - €3.00 plus 1.5% of the transaction value per withdrawal.

  • No virtual card issuance fee.

Card fees are subject to change. Full list of card fees can be accessed here. Some of the card fees may be not applicable due to the limitations of the 1inch Card functionality.

What is the maximum number of account wallets I can link to my card?

You may link a maximum of 5 account wallets to your 1inch Card at one time.

What networks are supported?

At present, the main blockchains of Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP and Ethereum are supported. Please note that Layer 2 networks are not currently supported. Please refer to the app instructions when sending funds to your account.

How does the card generate the available balance shown for my 1inch Card?

The available balance shown for your 1inch Card and accounts is an estimate. Baanx dynamically generates this figure by calculating the total fiat value of your linked cryptocurrency wallets. The sum of your assets is calculated against live market rates and then their liquidation fee percentage is applied.

Why has my total balance gone down without me purchasing anything?

As your total balance is tied to the cryptocurrency in your accounts, this will either increase or decrease depending on live market value.

What are the limitations of my card?

Depending on your account, different limits and restrictions may apply. Please refer to the Monavate Card Terms and Conditions, also found in the card management tab in the app.

What should I do if my card is blocked?

Please contact the support team at [email protected].

Deposit and Withdrawal

How can I top-up my card?

You can top-up your card in crypto or fiat through the accounts tab in the app.

You can fund the card with crypto from any crypto wallet.

You can also top up the card with fiat via a bank or other payment card transfer.

Is the crypto-to-fiat conversion carried out directly from the 1inch Wallet?

No, you need to fund your 1inch Card account before you start spending. You can top-up your card in crypto or fiat through the accounts tab in the app.

Your crypto will be automatically converted to fiat at the time of the purchase.

Any conversion between crypto and another crypto, or between a crypto and fiat is performed by Crypto Life, in accordance with the rates and prices applicable at the actual time of conversion. Applicable rates are indexed by Crypto Life to those used by the following industry leading platforms:

  • Coinbase Prime

  • BitPanda

  • Binance

  • LMAX

  • Finery Markets

Please refer to the CL Terms & Conditions for further details.

What are the withdrawal limits?

The withdrawal limits are subject to your account limits and restrictions.

Minimum amount:

There is no minimum withdrawal amount for crypto. The minimum amount for fiat withdrawal is 100 EUR/GBP per withdrawal.

Maximum amount:

The maximum amount limit is subject to your account limits and restrictions. All transactions are reviewed by Baanx. You may be required to provide Baanx with certain documentation for transactions above 10,000 GBP/EUR.

Can I send funds to anyone?

You can withdraw crypto to any beneficiary.

You can only withdraw fiat to your own bank account held in your own name. If you do try to send funds to a bank account that is not in your name, this may result in your 1inch Card account going into a review state. If this is your first time withdrawing fiat, you may be required to verify that the bank account is yours before Crypto Life can process any withdrawal.

How long does it take for a fiat withdrawal transaction to be processed?

Fiat withdrawal or deposit transaction processing time can take up to 24 hours. Please, note that it might take longer based on your bank’s processing system. If 5 working days have passed, and you’re still waiting for your transfer to process, please contact the support team at [email protected].


How does getting a Stableloan work?

Select the terms of the Stableloan with the calculator (e.g. the amount, term length and interest rate). The calculator will display how much crypto you need to deposit to your account. Your crypto will be held as a collateral against the Stableloan and you will receive your full amount of deposited crypto back to your account as soon as you have settled the Stableloan and any outstanding interest payments.

What can I use as collateral?

Currently, you can deposit your Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as collateral to borrow against. Crypto Life will be expanding the list of options over the coming months and will communicate any updates to the users.

What currencies can I receive a Stableloan in?

You can select from USDC, USDT or EURT.

How long can I take a Stableloan out for?

When taking out a Stableloan, you may select from the following terms: 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. However, you can settle the Stableloan at any time to receive your collateral back to your wallet. You must pay the full principal amount and all outstanding interest.

How do I pay interest on my Stableloan?

When you take out a Stableloan, the Crypto Life team will notify you through the app that your principal stablecoin wallet will be automatically debited for the monthly loan interest payment on the corresponding day each month. If your wallet does not have sufficient balance to meet an interest payment, you can make the interest payment later through the “Stableloans” section of the app. Any Stableloans with late or missing interest payments will be highlighted. If you miss multiple monthly interest payments, the Crypto Life team will be in contact with you about payment schedules and penalties.

What is LTV?

LTV refers to “loan-to-value”, which is a term that refers to the ratio of a loan compared to the value of an asset provided as collateral. The “loan” being the principal amount (which the borrower receives). The “value” being the value of the collateral asset (which the lender receives).

Why must I add more collateral to my Stableloan?

In order to handle the risk of a user’s deposited collateral being exceeded by the Stableloan principal, Crypto Life may liquidate part or all of your collateral if your LTV% significantly exceeds the agreed LTV% of your Stableloan term. If your Stableloan is at risk of this, the Crypto Life team will contact you to add further collateral value to reduce the LTV%.

How do I add further collateral to my Stableloan?

You will be able to add collateral value to your Stableloan within the app. If your LTV% has moved from agreed levels by >3%, this will be highlighted within the “Stableloans” section of the app.

The top up can be done using your deposited crypto or by funding your wallet. You may need to return to the “Stableloans” section to further add the deposited funds as collateral.

How do I add further collateral to my Stableloan?

Yes. You can settle your Stableloan early and withdraw your collateral if you have paid back the full principal and any outstanding interest.

Can I have multiple active Stableloans at one time?

Yes. There is no limit to how many active Stableloans you can have at one time. Handling one active Stableloan does not affect other active Stableloans.


What is Cryptodraft?

Cryptodraft offers you the option to spend up to 60% of your collateral value as a credit.

What is the interest on a Cryptodraft?

The first 10% you spend is interest-free, while the remaining 50% is subject to a 1% monthly percentage rate (MPR).

What is MPR?

Monthly-percentage-rate (MPR) is the nominal interest rate that will accrue on the principal draft amount each month.

What can I use as collateral?

Currently, you can deposit your Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as collateral to borrow against. Crypto Life will be expanding the list of options over the coming months and will communicate any updates to the users.

How can I repay my Cryptodraft in full?

Select “Settle” and then “Pay Now”. This allows you to repay your full Cryptodraft principal amount and any outstanding interest.

How can I partially repay my Cryptodraft?

Select “Settle” and then “Pay Partial”. This allows you to repay any amount you wish, with no minimum. You may wish to reduce the LTV% of an active Cryptodraft or make some of your collateral available for withdrawal.

You can withdraw collateral from your active Cryptodraft at any time you want. However, you will not be able to withdraw a collateral amount which increases your LTV to over 10% as a result of such a withdrawal.

Other questions

What should I do if my question is not covered on this page?

If you can't find the information you're looking for or have a question that is not addressed here, you can always visit Crypto Life FAQ page Alternatively, please contact the support team at [email protected].

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Crypto Life द्वारा संचालित 1inch Card, जिसे CL के नाम से भी जाना जाता है, Monavate Limited द्वारा जारी एक प्रीपेड मास्टरकार्ड है, जो मास्टरकार्ड का एक प्रमुख सदस्य है और वित्तीय आचरण प्राधिकरण (फर्म संदर्भ संख्या 901097) द्वारा ई-मनी संस्थान के रूप में अधिकृत है। Monavate Ltd नंबर 12472332 के साथ इंग्लैंड और वेल्स में पंजीकृत है, जिसका पंजीकृत कार्यालय पता Officers Mess Business Centre, Royston Road, Duxford, Cambridge, England, CB22 4QH है।

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